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What’s the Process of Selling a House for Cash – Part 1/2

solid offers Process of selling house for cash to investor
Nate Worcester
Nate Worcester
Nate Worcester is the Co-founder of SolidOffers & a Home Selling Specialist. He’s been in the real estate space since buying his first rental property in 2010. A firm believer in the power of investors to transform communities, to help troubled homeowners get out from under their property problems by working with local investors.
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Not everyone can come up with all that cash to buy your house. Still, several individuals and companies, typically investors, have both the experience and expertise to do exactly that.

Who buys houses for cash?

Most house buying investors fall into one of two categories (though there certainly may be overlap).

  • The investor may be looking to Buy and Hold. This type of purchase is especially popular amongst those investors who buy properties to rent them out to suitable tenants.
  • The second type of investor is known as a House Flipper. This is the kind of investor you may have seen on a TV show. As the name suggests, he or she will purchase your house at a discount, make repairs or remodel completely, and then sell the property in the hopes of making a profit. 

Depending on the investor and your particular selling needs, the buying/selling process will vary. There are, however, several steps that tend to remain the same and which you can expect, no matter who the cash buyer is and what your selling needs are.

Finding your Cash Buyer

Selling your house is a big deal, and you want to sell it to somebody you can trust. Here are a few great ways to help you find the right cash buyer for your property.

  • Network of Trusted Buyers: One of the best ways to guarantee you are dealing with a reliable buyer is staying with a trusted network. SolidOffer provides a simple online form to match you and your property with a trusted local cash buyer. Each buyer has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure they have the qualifications and experience necessary to purchase your house. There are absolutely no obligations on your end, and the best part is that it takes mere minutes to find you the perfect match.
  • Google/Yahoo/Your favorite search engine: It will take some work and research, but you can find cash buyers by searching online. Not all, but most investors will have a website where you can find out more about them. However, having a website doesn’t make them trustworthy. Be sure to look for legitimate reviews on each company before calling them.
  • Ask Around: This may sound old fashioned, but sometimes the best way of finding a cash buyer for your house is by talking to friends and neighbors. If someone you know and trust has had a positive experience with a local cash buyer, then the odds are good that they’ll be a good fit for you as well.

Once you find your cash buyer, whether through a trusted network or a friend, you’re going to want to review the next steps of the process carefully.

Meeting your Buyer

Once you contact your buyer(s), they will want to know more about your property. They may want to schedule a visit or ask for photos. This generally happens within 48 hours, though most investors are happy to work around your schedule.

Don’t worry about the condition of your property. Investors are accustomed to dealing with all kinds of properties, whether lovingly care for, needing repairs, or rented out to tenants from hell. Typically, the buyer will walk around the property, ask you a few questions, and make an offer on the spot.

Remember, just because they make an offer on the spot doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

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