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    We get it! It can be difficult to sell your house in Hampton Roads Virginia and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s with a realtor or you sell it For Sale By Owner (FSBO),  there are too many steps, it’s time consuming and a lot of money goes into it. Leave all that hassle to us!

    There is an easier way to sell your Hampton Roads Virginia house. You can sell in a few days, instead of waiting months. No commissions or fees. More cash in your pocket!

    Get Cash for Your Hampton Roads VA House

    • No Commissions or Fees
    • Zero Hidden Costs
    • Guaranteed Fair Cash Offer
    • No repairs needed, We buy houses in AS IS condition
    • Buyer Pays Closing Fees
    • Close quickly, 7 to 28 days
    • Choose your own closing date

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    Trustworthy House Buyers in Hampton Roads, VA

    Sell your house fast for cash. SolidOffers specializes in helping property owners sell their houses in any condition. We only work with vetted Hampton Roads VA home buyers who are ready to make an offer for your house and buy your home fast. Our real estate investors and problem solvers make you a fair all cash offer or provide other selling real estate solutions, depending on your specific situation or the condition of your house.

    We have investors who buy houses in Virginia under any situation: major damage, fire damaged, foreclosure, inherited or unwanted property, vacant house, relocation, job loss, tax liens, facing divorce, behind on payments, squatters, or even bad rental tenants and any burdensome houses.  You can sell your house fast in any situation or condition without any renovations or having to rely on traditional bank financing. The best part is you get to choose the closing date!

    w/ Real Estate Agent

    SOLD to Investor Buyers



    of sale price paid by you


    Who Pays Closing Costs?


    Paid by you, the seller


    Investors typically pay all costs

    Average Days for Offers

    10 to +90 days

    If in good condition

    Immediate Offer

    Appraisal Needed


    sale is often subject to appraisal


    Number of Showings


    national average 20 to 25


    Sometimes virtually

    Closing Date

    30 to 90 days

    After offer is accepted

    Date of YOUR CHOICE

    Inspection and Financing Contigency*


    of sales fall through


    Who Pay Repairs?



    Sell AS IS condition

    Even if you already listed with an agent and couldn’t sell your house, we can help. Sometimes an outdated house that needs TLC or with unique features can be tough, but our investors buy houses in any condition.

    • No need to make repairs
    • No paperwork delays
    • No Lengthy mortgage approvals
    • No Home inspections
    • Zero Realtor fees or commissions
    • Hassle Free & Save time

    Sell To Real Hampton Roads Home Buyers

    Let go of the burden and stress

    Whether you don’t like dealing with agents, or you don’t want to spend time and money on repairs, we’re here to support you every step of the way, so you can sell your home fast in Hampton Roads Virginia.
    Request your no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave. You have nothing to lose.
    You can also call us at (888) 522-6089
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    We’re serious! It’s as quick and easy as 1, 2, 3.

    1. Get a Fast Online Quote
    2. Take a Quick Phone Call
    3. Get Paid ASAP

    But wait, there are more perks! The Buyer typically pays for closing fees, AND you get to choose the closing date.

    Sell Any Hampton Roads Virginia House - For Any Reason and Situation

    We’ve handled sales of any shape and size. No matter your reason for needing to sell your house fast, we’re here to support you. We’ve helped thousands of property owners in the Hampton Roads area in nearly every imaginable situation, including:

    It can be a single-family, multi-family, townhome, or condo: we have a cash buyer who buy houses in Hampton Roads Virginia for every property “AS-IS”!

    The average cost to sell a house is about 7.5% of the sale price, but if it has problems and needs repairs it can be much more. You can avoid the fees, costly repairs and sell in record time when you sell for cash. Request a free, no-obligation offer today.

    And if selling to a cash buyer is not your best option, we will recommend other options.

    Hassle Free. No Obligation. Fair All Cash Offer for your Hampton Roads Virginia House

    Whether you’re in the downtown district, in the suburbs, or on the outskirts of Hampton Roads Virginia, you can be sure our cash buyers will make you a solid offer for your property!
    You can also call us at (888) 522-6089

    Top Rated Cash Home Buyers in Hampton Roads Virginia

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    Planning to Sell Your House Without a Realtor or FSBO in Virginia?

    There’s nothing wrong with trying to sell your Hampton Roads house without a Realtor and by owner on the market. But if you do, be prepared…
    What to expect when selling a “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) home to a typical homebuyer:

    • Pay up to 3% Commission fees (to buyer agent)
    • Pay ALL of the selling Closing Costs, 2 -3%
    • Close in 30 to 90 days, after accepting an offer
    • You must qualify all potential buyers (to avoid looky loos)
    • You do the showings and walkthroughs
    • Appraisals are still needed
    • Make Repairs (per buyer  and lender requests)
    • You are responsible for the paperwork
    • Pay one year of the home warranty (min $500)

    Our cash buyers are ready to buy without any fuss!

    You can sell your Hampton Roads House by owner, in any condition to investor buyers who buy your house fast. We work to find a buyer within our network of investors and problem solvers. You get a free no obligation offer. Only negotiate and show to one buyer with a guaranteed sale. And you pay zero fees.
    You can also call us at (888) 522-6089

    We Love Hampton Roads area and Any Hampton Roads House That’s for Sale!

    We think Hampton Roads Virginia is a great place to live, and we love buying houses here!
    Hampton Roads Housing Market: The housing market is expected to remain heated, compared to the previous year housing prices are up by 7%. Houses spend an average of 26 days on the market (DOM) and depending on their location, averages $290,000.
    Hampton Roads Population: The area stretches 3,729.76 sq mi and still, there are outer cities with plenty of available living options. It is the 37th-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with over 1.7 million people. Hampton Roads is known as one of the world’s largest natural harbors which is essential in the metropolitan’s development both on land and in water-related activities and events.
    Hampton Roads Amenities: Noted for its significant military presence, ice-free port, shipyards, coal piers, and miles of waterfront property and beaches. The area is home to hundreds of historical buildings and attractions. Throughout the year, events are planned all across the region. In mid-March, St. Patrick’s Day activities take place all around the area. Runners prepare for the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. The Virginia Arts Festival which takes place in April and May around the region showcases the best art in the state. Every June, Norfolk hosts the country’s largest free maritime celebration, Harborfest. Hampton Bays Days are held in September it is a delightful way to say farewell to the warmest season of the year.
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    Some of the favorite “We Buy Houses” for cash locations

    Gloucester County, Isle of Wight County, James City County, Mathews County, Southampton County, York County, and its Neighborhoods:

    • Boykins
    • Carrollton
    • Courtland
    • Emporia City VA
    • Franklin City VA
    • Gloucester Courthouse
    • Gloucester Point
    • Gwynn
    • Hampton City VA
    • Mathews
    • Newport News
    • Newport News City VA
    • Norfolk
    • Poquoson City VA
    • Sedley
    • Smithfield
    • Suffolk City VA
    • Virginia Beach
    • Williamsburg
    • Williamsburg City
    • Windsor
    • Yorktown

    You can also call us at (888) 522-6089

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I sell my house fast?

    “How to Sell My House Fast” is a common question we get. The fastest and easiest way to sell a home is to a cash buyer. Because it is all-cash, there are no lender and approval delays. No repairs are needed, no agent commissions or fees. Plus, you often avoid closing costs and get to choose your closing date, which can be in as little as 7 days!

    The first step is filling out the request form. It only takes 10 seconds!

    2. How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days?

    The only way to truly sell that quickly is to sell it to an investor. The usual process to sell to a cash buyer is:
    1. Search for local cash buyers
    2. Show property to multiple investors
    3. Incentivize buyers with lower prices
    4. Do your due diligence to ensure it is a legit investor
    5. Go through a title company

    SolidOffers is here to streamline the process for you. We screen the investors to take the guesswork out for you, so you do not have to worry about scams or fraud. Based on your situation and the condition of your property, we pair you with a cash buyer who will likely give you the highest offer.

    3. What does “We Buy Houses” mean exactly?

    “We Buy Houses” is as easy as it sounds. It means that we work with buyers who are ready to buy your house “As-Is”, without any repairs, and you avoid realtor commissions and fees. Plus, oftentimes you have the flexibility to close early and move at a later date!

    Get a free online quote for a fair cash offer by filling out the simple request form.

    4. Is it worth selling a house for cash?

    It means Faster Sale Times:
    If you don’t have the time to sell your property the traditional way and wait for 2 to 6 months, consider selling to a real estate investor. When you sell your house for cash, the home buying process gets wrapped up very quickly. In fact, most buyers can get you cash for your house in about a week.

    5. How to sell a house without making repairs?

    First, you need to understand your house’s condition:
    1. Request assessments
    2. Get repair or renovation estimates
    3. Count the costs of holding the house, such as utilities and taxes

    Or, you can avoid the headaches and sell “AS-IS” to a Cash Buyer!

    6. How can I sell my house fast without a realtor?

    The biggest advantage of selling your property without a real estate agent is that you can avoid paying their commission. The downside is that it can be a difficult feat to accomplish. Your options are:
    1. Sell to a cash buyer at your own time and “AS-IS”
    2. For Sale By Owner (FSBO), assessing prices, doing the marketing, vetting buyers, and filling out all the necessary paperwork
    3. Hire an attorney to facilitate a sale to a pre-qualified buyer

    7. Do you charge a fee?

    No. There are no service fees or commissions attached when you request or receive your free offer. In fact, there is no point in the sale of your house or cash transaction that we charge you for our services or assistance.

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