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    Let’s talk about important details that cash buyers will need to determine the value of your home and give you an instant cash offer.

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    No finance contingencies or home inspection items to fix. You choose the closing date and get paid!

    Best Way to Sell Your House Fast

    There are several ways to sell a home. Even in a seller’s market, it’s always good to look at your options and see which will help you achieve your goals. While the traditional sale using a real estate agent may have the highest sales price, it doesn’t mean more money for you since there are other expenses to consider.

    Cash buyers allow you to skip the entire listing process and expedite the selling process. It’s the fastest way to sell if you are in a time crunch.

    Seller’s financing is a less common way to sell a property but popular among mom-and-pop landlords who want passive income, the highest profits, and get rid of the headache of having tenants and the responsibilities of being a landlord.

    The differences are between the “traditional” route with a public MLS listing, selling for CASH, and seller financing.

    W/Real Estate Agent

    • Commissions & Fees - 6% of sale price paid by you
    • Who Pays Closing Costs? 2% Paid by you, the seller
    • Days Until Sold? 10 to +90 days If in good condition
    • Inspection & Financing Contingencies* - 15% Paid by you
    • Appraisal - Yes Sale is subject to appraisal
    • Number of Showings - Varies National avg. 20 to 25
    • Closing Date - 30 to 90 days After the offer
    • Tenant-occupied - NO Unless buyer is an investor
    • Who Pays Repairs? You
    • Type of payment - Buyer Mortgage Lump sum

    Cash Offer

    • Commissions & Fees - 0%
    • Who Pays Closing Costs? NONE
    • Days Until Sold? Immediate Cash Offer
    • Inspection & Financing Contingencies* - No contingencies
    • Appraisal - No appraisals
    • Number of Showings - 1 sometimes virtual
    • Closing Date - You choose
    • Tenant-occupied - YES Even if non-paying tenants
    • Who Pays Repairs? NONE
    • Type of payment - Cash Lump sum

    Seller Financing

    • Commissions & Fees - 0%
    • Who Pays Closing Costs? NONE
    • Days Until Sold? Immediate Offer
    • Inspection & Financing Contingencies* - No contingencies
    • Appraisal - No appraisals
    • Number of Showings - 1 sometimes virtual
    • Closing Date - You choose
    • Tenant-occupied - YES Even if non-paying tenants
    • Who Pays Repairs? NONE
    • Type of payment - Down payment & installments

    Top Rated Cash Home Buyers

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    Melissa Alves
    Melissa Alves
    Read More
    My aunt left me her house, and all the unpaid taxes too. Even the process of getting the estate seemed to be expensive. I was just out of college with student loans to pay. It was hard. The investor took care of everything and I got cash, which was a big help.
    Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez
    Read More
    First, I thought about just doing the repairs myself on the house I inherited from my parents. But it turned out that it had more issues than it seemed, and getting professionals to repair it would cost too much and take too long. I'm glad we found SolidOffers, instead of trying to figure out who would buy a house with damage and not scam us. Stacy connected us with a local investor and we closed in 13 days.
    Ann Peterson
    Ann Peterson
    Read More
    We had many happy years in that house, but then it was just me. Selling for cash was fast, and they didn't mind that we hadn't done anything to it in decades. They were wonderful and took care of everything, so I could move near my son and grandbabies.
    Thomas S
    Thomas S
    Read More
    The house was a week from auction. The investor was able to buy it in 7 days. Cleared my debt and saved my credit score from any more hits.

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    Our cash buyers buy houses, rental properties with and without tenants, fixer upper, including structural issues, and in a difficult legal or financial situation. No realtor commissions. Hassle free. Plus you choose the closing day.

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      Thinking About Selling Your Home For Cash?

      Here’s what you need to know and what to expect of a cash sale.

      US Dollars in Cash

      Is It Safe to Sell My House for Cash?

      The short answer is Yes! We understand the hesitation of selling your house to a cash buyer. How do you know who to trust with so many property investors out there?

      SolidOffers is here to help. Don’t waste time searching and requesting multiple offers without knowing which are real and which are from scam artists. We verify and vet real estate investors and only connect you with legitimate companies, many of which are local and family-owned.

      Should I Sell My House to a Cash Buyer?

      A cash buyer can buy a house fast for cash, and since it doesn’t need lender approval, the real estate transaction can happen in less than half the time it takes to sell to traditional buyers. Selling your house to a cash buyer isn’t for all. Here are 7 signs selling for cash may be a good option for you:
      • You need to sell your home quickly
      • House needs major repairs
      • You need to sell due to difficult circumstances
      • You don’t want the hassle of a traditional sale
      • You want FSBO without having to worry about all the paperwork
      • You want FSBO and pay $0 fees (in the open market, you may still pay 3% to the buyer agent)
      • The house is a rental with tenants
      Selling House to a Cash Buyer
      Small Model of a House Made of Cardboard

      I Need to Sell My House Fast for Cash. How long does it take?

      You can get a fast cash offer for your home in as little as 24 hours. To get started, you just need to enter your home address, and then the 10s form. Then we will contact you to know more about your situation and house condition. Based on what you tell us, your house selling specialist will look at all the potential buyers in our network and find the real estate investor that is the right fit for you.

      You can definitely negotiate with the cash buyer. How long the negotiating process takes is up to you and the buyer. After you decide on the closing day, you usually can see the payment in 48hrs (business hours).

      House Selling Guide

      SolidOffers VS OpenDoor

      SolidOffers VS OpenDoor

      Which Site Gets You The Real Deal? SolidOffers VS OpenDoor There are a few things in life that suck the

      House Selling Made Easy
      • Sell your house AS-IS in any condition
      • Zero repairs and closing costs
      • Get your offers in 24 hours
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