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Be Your Trusted Home Selling Advisor
So You Can Sell Your House Fast Without Stress

Selling a property can be a daunting experience. We have experienced this ourselves and have decided to change it. We created SolidOffers to empower you with all the information you need to sell your house and connect you with the best buyers.
We want you to know that you have options. You can choose the offer that works best for you.

Meet Our House Selling Specialists

House Selling Specialist SolidOffers Stacy


Stacy is very dedicated and knowledgeable, ready to help anyone and anytime. In her free time, Stacy loves going hiking with her husband and two sons. She’s a dog person and often has foster puppies from a local animal shelter.

House Selling Specialist SolidOffers Samuel


Samuel makes sure all homeowners get fast and informative responses to their questions via text and email. Outside of work, Samuel is a musician and enjoys creating music. One of his favorite things to do is write songs for his wife and baby girl.

House Selling Specialist SolidOffers Michael


Michael is passionate about educating homeowners about selling to investors. He specializes in house selling under challenging situations, such as foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Our values

SolidOffers empowering homeowners of all ages mom and daughter hugging


We live in an ever-changing world. We are continuously learning and improving and sharing what we know with you to empower you to make informed decisions and be in control.

accountability towards homeowners solidoffers


To honor our commitments to you and each other is extremely important, so we ask you for feedback to know what we did right and what needs improvement. We want to provide the best experience.

Passion principle community solid offers


Empowering you is our passion. We believe we can genuinely help, which makes us want to do more and do it better.

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