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Sell My House Fast in South Carolina

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    South Carolina Locations

    Sell your house in the Upstate areawhich includes Greenville–Spartanburg–Anderson. We have buyers for the following areas: Greenville County, Spartanburg County, Anderson County, Pickens County, Oconee County, Greenwood County, Laurens County, Cherokee County, and Union County.

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    Cash for Houses in South Carolina

    • Zero Fees or Commissions
    • Guaranteed Offer
    • No repairs needed, sell “AS-IS”
    • No showings and walkthroughs
    • No appraisals or approval delays
    • Close quickly, 7 to 28 days or pick a date

    Sell Your House As Is in South Carolina

    We’ve been helping homeowners sell their houses all over South Carolina and have helped hundreds of owners sell their unwanted or problematic homes quickly and easily. We want to help you sell, even if that means recommending a realtor. We specialize in working with investors who buy houses quickly and in any condition.

    Usually most, if not all, closing costs are covered, and you get paid in 30 days or less.

    You decide when the time is right to sell and vacate your house in South Carolina (SC). You’ll receive a fair offer, and you can choose the closing date. There is no need to worry about appraisal delays and repairs. Whether there’s flood damage, fire and smoke damage, mold, a leaking roof, cracked foundation, peeling paint, or the property’s been vandalized, we’ve got you covered.

    Our home selling specialists will help you get your house sold in any situation and without stress.

    If you’ve been struggling to sell your home in South Carolina for any reason, give us a call at (888) 522-6089 for a no-obligation cash offer on your home or submit an offer request form.

    SolidOffers Reviews

    See what our satisfied sellers are saying

    Melissa Alves
    Melissa Alves
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    My aunt left me her house, and all the unpaid taxes too. Even the process of getting the estate seemed to be expensive. I was just out of college with student loans to pay. It was hard. The investor took care of everything and I got cash, which was a big help.
    Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez
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    First, I thought about just doing the repairs myself on the house I inherited from my parents. But it turned out that it had more issues than it seemed, and getting professionals to repair it would cost too much and take too long. I'm glad we found SolidOffers, instead of trying to figure out who would buy a house with damage and not scam us. Stacy connected us with a local investor and we closed in 13 days.
    Ann Peterson
    Ann Peterson
    Read More
    We had many happy years in that house, but then it was just me. Selling for cash was fast, and they didn't mind that we hadn't done anything to it in decades. They were wonderful and took care of everything, so I could move near my son and grandbabies.
    Thomas S
    Thomas S
    Read More
    The house was a week from auction. The investor was able to buy it in 7 days. Cleared my debt and saved my credit score from any more hits.
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