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House Selling Guide

_text text_larger="no"][wpseo_breadcrumb]   Find out why more and more sellers are going the cash route and reasons to sell your house for cash. Listing a property for sale to get it off your hands is a long and aggravating process, which no sane person would want to put themselves through. Despite this, it is something almost all people have to face at some point in their lives. Selling a house has become an increasing reality for more and more people. With home sales climbing to

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_text text_larger="no"][wpseo_breadcrumb]   Find out why more and more sellers are going the cash route and reasons to sell your house for cash.

_text text_larger="no"][wpseo_breadcrumb] Invoke the powers of the late St. Joseph to help sell your house fast. It comes as a shock to no

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Financial catastrophes often leave people feeling distraught, agitated, angry, and depressed. Foreclosure is one of the worst because it means the potential loss of your home. A lot of homeowners, when they fa

No one wants to lose their house, but when you fall behind on your mortgage payments, and therefore default on your loan, the lender has the right to foreclose the mortgaged property to recover their money.

Seller closing costs average 8% to 10% of the sales price. But how much does the seller pay if they're selling the house themselves? Sorry to say the closing costs you pay at

Facing foreclosure is scary: it means eviction, losing your house, damage to your credit, and consequent trouble with job applications, loan applications, and even renting options.

Was your rental property once a great source of passive income, but now it's a constant headache? Do you find yourself stressed out with maintenance and tenants and actually losing money? Maybe you're not brea

During a divorce, splitting assets, especially the marital home, is one of the most unpleasant realities of the process. In the midst of the chaos, your divorce attorney may adv

Even in a hot market, where houses don’t seem to last long on the market, it takes 45 to 90 days, at best, to get from listing to close. You need to factor in the mortgage house buying process. The typica

If your house is in foreclosure, you likely fell behind in paying the mortgage, and you may also be incurring the lender’s attorney fees for your delinquency.

The short answer is yes. You CAN sell without a realtor. However, if you are thinking of selling your house by yourself, understand that the process is far from easy. Before

Depending on where you're located, the average days on market varies. A good listing, with a fair price, for a house that's in good condition and in a good location will attract buyers quickly enough, especial

Anyone can fall behind in their mortgage payments. Illness, divorce, job loss – whatever the reason, you quickly find yourself falling behind on bills, and debt grows. If you fall behind in paying your mortg

Foreclosure happens when you fail to make mortgage payments, and you default on the loan, or you violate the terms of the agreement and lose ownership of your house. It’s important that you know what happens

You’d think the opposite, but selling a house around the holidays is not a bad thing. Most people believe

The holidays are around the corner and, as a landlord, you may be worried about problem tenants sabotaging your celebration. What can you do to prepare? Let’s go over the most common tenant issues during the

Are you selling your house around the holidays? Does it need a facelift? Some home improvements can help you sell faster or even get a bet

Has your house been sitting on the market for a while? Have you gotten any offers? You just don’t understand it: it’s a seller’s market, and maybe you chose the best time of year to sell, but still you h

Selling a multi-family home is more difficult than a single-family because it involves more people. A multi-family property can be a multi-generational home, where families live together and share expenses and

A house is the most expensive item you’ll ever sell, and mistakes are costly. There are so many hurdles to jump, and one misstep can bomb your finances and house sale. Here are eight common house selling ove

Contrary to popular belief, selling a house between Thanksgiving and the New Year is not a bust. Buyers are serious during the

Selling a house is enough of a juggling act without adding kids to the bustle. We love our children, but they do not understand a house sale, or why strangers (i.e., your buyers) are walking through their home

Every house sale has bumps in the road. Some are unavoidable, while others can be prevented or resolved by the right means and with the right resources. Here are 8 possible issues that can quickly turn selling

A haunted house? Seriously? Yes. Selling a haunted house is not an unusual inquiry, especially during October, the spookiest time of the year. 64% of millennials and 55% of b

Decorating for Halloween is great fun, but be careful if you’re trying to sell your house. You may frighten off buyers. I’m all for skeletons and ghouls, and lots of pumpkins round the mantelpiece, but whe

Can you sell a house with liens on it? Yes, but there are complications and exceptions, and a lot of red tapes to cut through. It depends on the type of lien, the type of buyer, and how much is owed versus you

One of the biggest issues a landlord can face is a non-paying tenant. When that happens, if the tenant does not leave voluntarily or by request, you start the tedious eviction process. But what if the tenant f

Landlords are looking for a way out amid the federal eviction moratorium. Unpaid rent is mounting, and anyone with a mortgage on their rental property fears foreclosure. Fede

Are you a landlord about to move to another city or state? Will you be leaving your rentals behind? Managing remote properties is not impossible, but there are some things to consider. What Can You Do

Selling a house in autumn can be difficult with fewer buyers and less inventory, not to mention fast-approaching holidays, but it’s not impossible. There are some things you can do to improve your chances of

When a homeowner is financially distressed and cannot pay their mortgage, their best option is to sell. A traditional listing takes too long. Even if a buyer showed immediate interest, they (and their lender)

Hurricanes, flash floods, or burst pipes after a freeze – you never know when water damage will occur. It frustrates the majority of homeowners and leaves them wondering, “What now?”

If you experience a house fire, the loss is stifling. Not only are your personal belongings gone up in smoke, but you lose thousands of dollars in damages to your property. Most times the insurance money is no

Mold is nothing to sneeze at. It’s a common problem, and most owners are unaware of it. It can hide inside walls, under floors, or even in the HVAC system. But if you know it's there, if it’s in plain sigh

Code violations often occur when a property is neglected or suffers damage from a disaster. Building codes protect the general welfare and safety of occupants. Failure to maintain a property leads to citations

Selling a rental is not the same as selling a primary residen

Selling a rental property has more challenges than selling a primary residence. Often, it is easier and more profitable not to sell it the traditional way. Here are the steps to selling your rental property, e

Seller financing (or owner financing) is an option to consider if you’re a landlord with

The best reason to become a landlord is to make money and have a passive income. But it has risks, and if the stress is higher than the revenue, it may be time to

If you are selling your house or another property, we have a question for you: Have you considered selling to a real estate investor? No doubt, you have heard rumors about in

Being a landlord is not easy, especially when you have bad tenants. Here are common landlord tenant problems and possible solutions. 1. Late or No Rent Payment

Losing a relative is hard enough, but there are many headaches when settling an estate. The biggest of these is deciding what to do with an inherited property. You can move into it, rent it out, or sell it. If

Are you going to inherit a property you cannot afford to keep? Is it in probate? Probate is a legal process by which the estate’s debts are settled. It also ensures all beneficiaries receive what is promised

Most people use the attic as an extra storage space. In my house, it’s where we put the holiday decorations, gift wrapping, and boxes of family keepsakes. What do you use the attic for?

Do you want to give the kitchen a fresh, new look before selling your house? A full-blown kitchen remodel recoups only 54% of its cost when you sell. Consider instead making small upgrades that still boost you

What is the best way to go about beautifying your yard? There are so many variables with do-it-yourself landscaping, such as budget, climate, level of skill and knowledge, and personal tastes. Maybe you’re l

Your backyard is just as important as the interior of your home. If you are thinking of selling in the future,

Energy-efficient upgrades can improve your home value and save you on energy costs. If you plan to sell your house, consider these six improvements to go green with good return on investment. 1. Energy

Some upgrades improve the value of your house, while others do not.

Renovations can add value to a property. You might be wondering, though, which improvements give you the most significant return on investment? What changes make your house more comfortable and appealing to bu

Curb appeal makes the first impression as a buyer pulls up to your house. A beautiful outside accomplishes four things: It

Real estate agent commissions take the biggest cut of your house sale. Is it worth it then to even hire an agent or realtor? Or should you sell your house

Springtime is often the best time to sell a house. The real estate

It is often said that spring is the best time to sell a house. Indeed,

Timing is crucial in the real estate market. If you sell at the wrong time, you suffer the consequences, like less money or a bad buyer’s market. To decide if you should sell your house now or wait, consider

Selling a house is difficult enough without damage from a storm, hurricane,

Selling a house is stressful. Between regular cleanings, walkthroughs, and negotiations with buyers over the price, it is no wonder sellers dread the process. If you are in a well-off market or competitive loc

Selling your home by owner, without an agent, is possible. It can be a challenge, but once you know the process, it is doable. All you need is a strategy with an outline of key steps. Step 1: Determine

To delay a foreclose on the mortgage, lenders and borrowers can forge a mortgage forbearance agreement. If you try to

When a mortgage borrower is unable to pay off their loan, a lender will opt to foreclose. This means they seize the property and sell it to recover their lost money. To avoid foreclosure, lenders and borrowers

Pet owners love their pets, but Fido or Fluffy could make selling your house a challenge. Buyers want to envision themselves and their own pets living in your home.

Most things can sell at the right price, but a home is a big investment, so buyers are more scrupulous. This is where they are going to live, so it needs to be “just right.” Here are 7 items that can make

Selling a house is stressful enough without having bad neighbors run off your buyers. If a buyer comes to look at your house, and next door, they see an overgrown lawn, hear yelling, or smell the dogs – you

Knowing when to sell a house can help you sell fast, for the most profit and less stress. Timing often depends on your location, and understanding the seasonal trends in the real estate market can help you dec

Selling a house can be a costly venture. Sellers often have no idea just how much money goes into selling a home till closing day. Some expenses are negotiable, and others might be waived. Here is an overview

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you find yourself needing to pack up and move. It could be the family is growing, or maybe the kids move out, and now there is too much room; other times, it is a cha

Often people think spring is the best season for selling a house or even summer, but actually, you can sell a house any time of year.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has created a roller coaster of effects in the real estate market. To prevent the spread of the virus and minimize the crisis impact, the federal government and several states, cities,

No one wants to be a Scrooge, but if you want to

The thought of selling a home over the holidays can be intimidating. ‘Tis the season for other things – fun, family moments, wholesome meals, and gift-giving. The greatest gift right now would be to offloa

You have probably seen television shows and advertisements, but what exactly is a real estate investor? The better question is not w

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes the job market is great, and other times we are left scrambling to make ends meet. For many homeowners, a downturn can mean coming face to face with pre-foreclosure and

This is part two of What's the Process of Selling a House for Cash.

Not everyone can come up with all that cash to buy your house. Still, several individuals and companies, typically investors, have both the experience and expertise to do exactly that. Who buys houses

As nice as it might sound, selling your house for cash doesn’t mean that someone is going to show up at your door with a duffel bag full of greasy cash. A cash purchase means that the buyer, who is usually a

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