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SolidOffers VS OpenDoor

SolidOffers VS OpenDoor
Josh Miller
Josh Miller
Joshua Miller is the Founder/CEO of SolidOffers and Home Selling Specialist. He founded SolidOffers to give homeowners more and better options when selling their properties after completing hundreds of real estate transactions.
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Which Site Gets You The Real Deal? SolidOffers VS OpenDoor

SolidOffers VS OpenDoor

There are a few things in life that suck the joy out of living such as waking up to find out your phone wasn’t charging through the night, or having to sit through a thirty-second ad for a video that’s only twenty seconds long, However, as irritating as they are, they don’t come with nearly the same amount of annoyance, stress, and grief that selling a house can give to a person. Selling a home is no easy task, it demands a lot from a person. The seller must literally put their back into it when staging a home for it to be viewed by the open market, and they mentally deal with the pressures of all the demands from both buyers and real estate agents. These problems can now be left in the past as the conversation has now come down to SolidOffers VS OpenDoor.

With the number of home sellers hitting 6.9 million in 2021, and the figure only expected to grow, the home selling life isn’t the problem of one singular person, but rather an entire community of people who have to deal with all the headaches associated with selling a house. While selling your home can be quite the burden, it no longer has to be, with the presence of new online websites that take all the baggage of selling your house off your shoulders. Despite it taking one problem off your shoulders, the online presence of all these sites does pose a new dilemma for you to deal with, ‘which site should I sell my house with?’. Luckily for you, we will get you through that conundrum, and in turn, through the house selling process as fast as possible.

Problems With Selling Houses

Before we get to how online house vending sites make your life easier, it’s important to understand the problems faced by an average home seller, so as to get a better idea of all the benefits you’ll be availing yourself.

Problems with selling homes don’t just occur during the transaction process, but rather they can occur at any time during the entire ordeal. You could be running into problems with selling your home, well before you have even listed it on the market.

Local Market Conditions


It all starts with what the market looks like in your locale, to begin with. Keeping an eye on your local market conditions gives you a good idea as to how likely it is that your property will sell. Before you go about trying to find a real estate broker or decide to sell your house yourself, there are a number of challenges you should consider from the local market which pose a threat to your ability to sell your house.

  1. Who Runs The Market?

Before you list your property for sale, it is important to figure out who has the advantage in the market, and whether your locale is currently catering to a buyer’s market, seller’s market, or neither of them.

For those not familiar with the terms, a local real estate market is considered to be a seller’s market when the home sellers in a marketplace have an advantage over the ones looking to buy a house. The buyer’s market is simply the seller’s market, however, with the roles now reversed.

With definitions out the way, finding out what the state of your local market is, is key to knowing whether or not to go ahead with listing your house for sale. For example, if your local marketplace is engulfed with listings, then your area is said to be in a buyer’s market. This is due to the fact that home buyers have an advantage as they have a lot more options to go through when deciding on which house to buy, and thus ever so slightly, reducing your chances of having your property sold. So a buyer’s market is to be avoided at all costs when selling a house.

There is also a chance that neither side has a home-field advantage as the number of buyers and sellers in a particular marketplace could be very well balanced. An evenly balanced market isn’t the worst idea to sell your home into.

  1. Time of Year

Yes, believe it or not, there can be huge differences in your chances of having your property sold depending on what time of year you put it up for grabs, and it is certainly one of the challenges a home seller should overcome.

An example of this phenomenon is how it’s said that the spring months, from March to May, are considered to be the best months to put your property up for sale, if your property happens to be in Webster, NY. Whilst this may be a good time for the sellers of the Webster area, it may be a horrible time to sell your house in another state or marketplace. Thus, it is important to keep an eye out for the time of year you decide to put your property up for sale, as it may either pose new challenges or have the selling process become seamless.

Pricing Your House

Another one of the things that home sellers often get wrong is the starting price they throw their house up for. Getting the price of your property wrong and asking for more than it’s worth could have some very damaging long-term ramifications on your property.


Pricing a piece of real estate takes a lot of practice and experience to ace, as there aren’t any magic 8 balls that can tell you what your house is worth. Getting the price right is certainly a cumbersome challenge and could be all the difference between your house selling or not.

Underpricing a home, or selling it for less than it’s worth, has some pretty obvious effects. You’ll be getting lowballed and be missing out on a lot of money which you could make use of elsewhere in your life. Missing out on free money is definitely considered to be an expense in most people’s eyes.


Whilst underpricing your house will leave you scrambling for money even after you sell your house, overpricing it can come at a much greater cost. The price at which your piece of property enters a marketplace is very important and can determine the way your house selling journey goes. If you ask for more than your property is worth, your listing won’t be getting much traction or inquiries about it. If your listing doesn’t gain much traction at the start, there is little chance that it will get any at all later down the line.

Since there isn’t any traction towards your house’s listing, it will sit on the market for longer and longer. The more time it sits on the market, the less chance of it getting any potential buyers as potential buyers would begin to wonder what’s wrong with the property. Even if the house is in tip-top condition, it will obtain the buyer’s stigma that something is wrong with it, which will only worsen the longer it lingers on the market.

Online Sites To Sell Your House: SolidOffers VS OpenDoor

While the aforementioned problems aren’t the only ones that plague a home seller, all these and more can be avoided with the help of certain online sites. These sites can make selling your property a breeze, but with multiple sites to choose from, which one should you rely on for your property?

Namely, there are two big ones that you’ve heard of or even relied on: SolidOffers and OpenDoor. While both of them are certainly great sites and get the job done, there are a few key differences that all house sellers should know about.

What Both of Them Get Right

Aside from all the problems we’ve already talked about, these sites can help you get through the home selling process without having to deal with a few others.

No Staging Process

Using either one of these sites you can forget worrying about having to go through the staging process and having to ready up your home for visitors. You would not only be saving your time without having to go through all the remodeling for your house to look nice and pretty, but you would also be saving on some hard cash that you could use elsewhere, such as buying a new home or paying off debts. The cost saving isn’t just done when you don’t have to spend on redecorating, but also for all the temporary housing you would need to find while your house is being staged for buyers.

No Realtors

You also avoid having to find and put up with any realtors as both websites have taken care of that part for you. Selling your home, as cumbersome of a process as is, can become a monumental challenge to do when you get with the wrong real estate agent. Avoiding having to deal with them saves you not only money, from all the fees you would have had to pay them, but also a good amount of headaches when having to deal with them.

Avoid Unrealistic Buyers

Using either of these will also help you to avoid any unrealistic buyers or buyers who consistently have contingencies come up. You wouldn’t be having to deal with any lowball offers as both companies have investors looking for properties that match your house regardless of how old, and worn out it may be. They offer fair prices, the same as the ones you would find on a bank appraisal for your house, and close the deal as it fits your needs.

The benefits from these two sites really outweigh any other option you could go for when selling your house. They both make the selling process a breeze. You can quickly sell your house without going through any of the physically and mentally demanding efforts that other methods require.

However, despite this, the two sites do have their differences, and while it might not be obvious at first, there is a clear pick for all of your house selling needs. Who comes out on top in SolidOffers VS OpenDoor?

SolidOffers VS OpenDoor: How SolidOffers Gets You The Better Deal Every Time

Close all your deals with SolidOffers

SolidOffers has a few tricks up the sleeve that gives it an edge over OpenDoor, for all of your house selling needs. SolidOffers has a lot of investors ready to buy your property as-is, without you even having to place a listing. These investors are all screened and thoroughly background-checked to make sure they have no history of scams and are all for your property. Whilst OpenDoor does operate in a similar manner, there are some things it can’t match up to SolidOffers in.

Benefits of SolidOffers

Unlike OpenDoor, SolidOffers doesn’t just limit you to one single offer from an investor but instead allows you to get multiple offers from multiple investors looking to purchase your house. All these offers can vary greatly in price, but each one is ensured to give you the best selling experience of a house you can get. Thus, you can get an amazing deal and a well-rounded experience. On top of all this, you’ll be sure to sell your house for all-cash, thus adding even more to this ever-expanding list of benefits. The all-cash offers mean you can close within a week, if all things go straight, and then get your money within a day or two.

While the closing process is most certainly quick for both sites, you wouldn’t be having to deal with any additional closing costs when it comes to selling with SolidOffers. You sell your house for exactly the price you and the investor agree upon, and then get your money without having to spend any.

When we say without spending any money, we mean it. The hidden service fees at OpenDoor can go all the way up to 14 percent. That’s a lot of money leaving your pocket, especially when you’re the one who is doing the selling. With SolidOffers you can be sure to not have to deal with any fees, stated or hidden. 

Who Wins in SolidOffers VS OpenDoor?

With all the cash offers you get, the lack of any fees whatsoever, and zero closing costs, SolidOffers certainly has all the makings for the most intuitive and useful property-selling website out there. SolidOffers comes out on top in the SolidOffers VS OpenDoor bout.

However, despite all we’ve talked about we haven’t covered half of it. To learn more about SolidOffers, check out their FAQ page or give them a call at (888) 522-6089.

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