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How to Sell a House with Pets at Home

Solid Offers How to sell house with pets dog cat at home
Nate Worcester
Nate Worcester
Nate Worcester is the Co-founder of SolidOffers & a Home Selling Specialist. He’s been in the real estate space since buying his first rental property in 2010. A firm believer in the power of investors to transform communities, to help troubled homeowners get out from under their property problems by working with local investors.
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Pet owners love their pets, but Fido or Fluffy could make selling your house a challenge. Buyers want to envision themselves and their own pets living in your home. Your furry friend could stifle that vision. Follow these steps to show and sell a house with pets.

Remove Evidence

Your home must be staged for photos and walkthroughs. Remove evidence of your pets. Put away the chew toys, scratch posts, food and water dishes—store cages and crates. Clean litter boxes and keep them out of sight.


You are accustomed to the smell of your dog or cat, but buyers will notice odors right away. Scented candles and perfumed sprays will not mask these odors but often make them worse. Try pet-specific deodorizers on carpets and fabrics, or get all textiles professionally steamed.

Mass Cleaning

This is important even if you have no pets. Your home must be clean to make a good impression. Sweep floors, clean carpets, and vacuum furniture to remove pet hair and dander. Clean windows of paw prints and drool marks. Mop up pet stains. If you have a fish tank or other animal enclosure that cannot be easily moved, make sure the glass is squeaky clean.

Repair Pet Damage

Remember when your puppy or kitten chewed on posts or clawed the curtains? Even fully grown, they can scratch up the floors or dig up the carpets. These damages must be addressed if you are to sell a home.

Spruce Up the Yard

Dogs love to play, run, dig, and roll around in the yard. They also do their business outside. This leaves your lawn less green and less pleasant to walk across. It helps if you clean up after your dog and spruce up the landscape. If your pooch was in the front yard, keep in mind that curb appeal matters in a sale. If buyers do not like what they see when they pull up, they may not care to see inside the home.

Relocate Your Pet

The best way to keep your house clean and make a sale is to relocate your pet with a close friend or family member. This will be a temporary arrangement till the house is sold. It also spares you problems with buyers who are afraid of dogs or allergic to pet hair.

If you want to keep your pet with you and avoid the hassle of the aforementioned activities, consider selling your home to an investor. Most investors will make a cash offer on a home regardless of animal tenants, pet damage, or odors. You can enjoy a quick closing and get you and your pet into your next home right away.

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