How Direct Offers Work

You're in control. Explore your offer options and choose what works best for you.
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Start by requesting your offer

Tell us about your property, how soon you need to sell, and your situation. The quickest and easiest way to sell a property is selling As-Is for cash. But there are different types of offers that can accommodate your particular situation, whether you are facing foreclosure, a divorce, property damage, or bad tenants. You have options and we will help you find a solution that works. Just submit an offer request! A member of our team will contact you within minutes to schedule an appointment to speak with a home buyer.

Photos and videos help

The offer options you will receive are not necessarily final. Investors often want to do a walkthrough to assess the house. When selling virtually, you must provide photos and videos to help increase the offers. They give conservative offers when unfamiliar with the house.
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Choose the offer that works best for you

An all-cash offer is the most popular choice but there are different options avaliable to you. We have assisted homeowners in all kinds of situations and know how to help you! We can find investors with creative solutions that truly help you out of even the most difficult situations.
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Quick and easy Cash

If a cash offer works for you, then you avoid all commissions and pay zero closing costs. You also have the flexibility to choose the closing date.

Passive income

This is a popular landlord choice, who often sell their rentals with tenants in it. This option allows selling at a higher value, avoiding commissions and other costs, while continuing to receive a steady stream of income. The best part is zero landlord responsibilities.

Speak with house selling specialist

Listing with an agent

Homeowners with pristine houses with many upgrades and with time to wait often prefer this option. The right upgrade can boost a home above market value, the trick is to find the right buyer. We connect you with a local real estate agent dedicated to finding that special buyer.

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