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    How home value estimator works

    Address of sell my house for cash

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    You get your home value estimate emailed to you

    You get your home value estimate emailed to you

    What goes into an estimate

    Several factors go into an estimate, but these are the 6-key factors:

    Location. Location. Location.

    Small homes in desirable neighborhoods can cost more than large houses in isolated areas. The proximity to schools, shopping, medical facility and major roads for easy commute can also be relevant.

    A matter of

    Size does matter in terms of usable space, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms and total square footage, as well as yard size.

    Old vs.

    Old constructions often decrease in home value. This is due to age of plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing, A/C and outdated indoors. Often homeowners of older homes need to invest in upgrades to remain competitive.


    Property value assessments are done every year to determine your property taxes. The value determined is also taken in consideration.

    Neighborhood price

    How much other houses nearby sold and how long they were on the market also impact what your home is worth.

    Supply and

    The state of the market has a big impact. You house value estimate increases when demand as in number of buyers is high and the supply, number of houses for sale, is low. However, the reverse can also make the value drop.

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      *It is not an appraisal it should be used as a starting point. It doesn’t take in consideration recent upgrades or unknown need for repairs.